My story

Maria Iturralde

I arrived in Madrid as a result of synchronicity. I left my home country (Ecuador) with my husband and son at the end of 2018 bound for Denmark, a distant and beautiful country where we had high hopes of building a life.  After extensive paperwork and attempts to settle there, life brought us to Madrid, initially as a temporary arrangement that has extended to the point where it is now our home.

I had already had the chance to get to know and fall in love with Madrid years ago, making the decision to stay here an easy one. Besides, Madrid warmly welcomed us.

 Exploring the city on foot has been my way of getting to know it. Naturally, I started walking with visitors from around the world, a chance occurrence that turned into an enjoyable task. I’ve guided people from various places, sharing my love for the city, its intriguing history, and current lifestyle.

Madrid has a lot to offer. In this blog, I’ll share some favorite experiences and walks from other places for inspiration. Join me and get to know Madrid!